About the Team

Meet the Team Behind the Courses:

Kurt Sidenstick, Senior E-Learning Developer

Kurt Sidenstick is an accomplished E-Learning Developer with over 36 years of extensive experience in e-learning coursework design and development, learning management system administration, information management, database design, structured programming, website design, and project management. Currently leading the Children’s National Hospital Medical Education Department’s E-Learning Team, he oversees projects from inception to delivery, demonstrating expertise in various technologies and methodologies.

Kurt’s expertise includes e-learning courseware development, relational database design, accessibility design, closed captioning, various programming languages, custom website design, and learning management system administration. He is proficient in a wide range of software tools and has a comprehensive skill set in graphics creation, desktop publishing, interactive software design, project management, video and sound editing, and more.

Holly Bloom, Instructional Designer/Animator

Holly has been with Children’s E-Learning Department for over seven years.
Her work has been featured in several conferences, and she has produced material for many courses, videos, and publications.

Holly is an instructional Designer, 3D/2D Animator, Illustrator, and Graphic Artist with several years under her belt providing interactive instructional materials and modules for computer-based training and web applications. She has over twenty years of combined experience working in many areas of industry, including contracting companies, film and game companies, and post-production houses. In addition, her illustrations have been published in several magazines, newsletters, and exhibits at the National Zoo in Washington, DC.

Melissa Madden, Instructional Designer

Personable and agile learning leader with a proven record of establishing and building relationships, managing programs and projects from concept to completion, designing educational content and strategies, and implementing efficiencies to streamline processes and procedures. Highly skilled in teaching, training, and instructional design with the ability to take initiative, and communicate effectively and efficiently. Organized, dependable, and flexible team player.